Erendira Blackberry

Erendira Blackberry

July 20, 2023
1 min read

After 1 year of innovation, laboratory testing and commercial deployment we conclude the development of the new blackberry plant variety.

What are the advantages? 
The new H52 variety is an easy-to-tutor florican, which means it responds exceptionally to recipes and nutrients to develop a delicious fruit.

• More ºbrix
• Firm fruit
• Large size
• Regression resistance 
• Longer shelf life
• Low bleeding rate
• Controlled maturation

How do we grow it?

Erendira is a vigorous, dense canopy plant with an average height of 1.96m at 4 months of development.

The time from button to fruit is 65 days, which allows us to maximize cultivation times.

Our innovation

• Best performing variety: performing genetic tests with favorable results.

• Cultivation techniques: developing processes of attention to crops that enhance results

• Harvesting processes: implementing harvesting techniques that allow the fruit to ripen in the plant.

• Processing and logistics: maintaining the freshness of the fruit for longer, as well as the use of technology to preserve the cold chain.