Export Quality Process

Export Quality Process

January 28, 2021
1 min read

At H52 we carefully follow these 7 steps in our quality process.

• We select the best land available to grow our berries. 

• We develop our plantation during 9 months, fertilizing and managing the land.

• With special care we pack the berries directly into the clamshell, where our harvesters do a first quality control.

• We ensure quality through a second field control and verify that the fruit always meets the standards.

• We maintain the fruit in a refrigerated area during the harvest of the day.

Then is transferred to our facilities, where a third check ensures the process, transfer and cooling was made in an optimal manner.

• We prepare the fruit according to order and destination, where is pre-chilled and stored at 1°C/34oF.

The order is then shipped within 48 hours of harvesting to ensure the quality and freshness of our berries.

• We are currently exporting to USA, Canada,Netherlands, Spain, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, UAE, Germany, Russia and France among others.

Following these steps, we grow the most sustainable, fresh, and delicious berries to supply healthy fruit at a global scale.